Today, there is a tear in the fabric of Shreveport.

For years, Jane Ryder's name has appeared on the credits to major motion pictures and cable TV shows. As a seamstress behind the scenes, she was a creative force on the set of some of Shreveport's biggest productions; Mad Money with Diane Keaton & Katie Holmes, Season Of The Witch with Nic Cage and Ron Perlman, TV's Salem, and many more.

Today, Jane Ryder lost her battle with cancer. She was 61.

Beyond the screen, Jane was an accomplished designer off the set too. Creating hats for stars like Joan Rivers or dresses for the Oscars, like the one she made for Shannon Oldenburg, wife of Oscar winner Brandon Oldenburg of Moonbot Studios. Jane's work was recognized well outside of the Shreveport area.

Jane's friends have spoken so highly of her over the last few months, ever since she went public with her diagnosis...Stage 4 gallbladder cancer. She was beloved by those closest to her, by her peers, by fans...even if she never believed she had them.

One of the common themes in the stories being shared about Jane today was her humility. She was one of the most kind, and humble people you could ever meet. She had a skill, and talent that flowed like the lace off one of her hats, yet she would never tell you that. A phrase that she spoke, that came up in conversations about Jane today was "Why me?" But not in the sense of pity about being sick, in the sense of why did people outside of her immediate circle care. She may have been too humble to understand how important she had become to the fabric of Shreveport.

Our community, through and through, will bloody miss you Jane.