So, if you're a "leaper" or a "leapling" - that is someone born on Leap Year Day (Feb. 29th) when do you celebrate your birthday?  Do you celebrate on Feb. 28th, or on March first?

If you celebrate on Feb. 28th - the month of your birth- you're known as a "Strict Februarian."  While it's different and some leaplings enjoy the rareness of their birthday, it can also be a pain in the butt.

In fact, every single year, Facebook chooses whatever day it wants -- or none at all -- and people start wishing you a 'Happy Birthday.'" Because Facebook told them to.  Sometimes the 28th, sometimes the 1st, sometimes not at all.

Because it is an interesting concept,  many expectant mothers actually target Feb. 29th as the date for their big deliveries.

The Associated Press was told by a spokeswoman for Orlando's Florida Hospital that  "People would rather have the baby on Leap Day," "We have a slight increase in the number of scheduled C-sections on that day since it is a special day, says Sara Channing."

While federal programs such as Social Security accept it in their files -- the free market sometimes has trouble with Feb. 29th.  Some websites don't list 29 as an option in their drop-down boxes.  Some companies' computer programs demand a choice.

AP reports that Peter Brouwer's life insurance policy is for March 1 because their computer doesn't support Leap Day.

He told AP he turns 56 today, meaning he will celebrate his birthday for the 14th time in almost six decades.

It's  calculated there are 5 million other Leapers worldwide, who have to handle some of these quirks.

For kicks or leaps,  here's a Leap Day Trivia question for you. 

  • What two Presidential elections were held during years that were not leap years?
  • 1800 and 1900.
The Desmoine Register has a cute story about Leap Year birthdays.  Check it out at this link: