After seeing Kramer Robertson's lip, we're not entirely sure we would have stayed in the game.

This past weekend was an odd one for the LSU baseball team. They took their three-game series with Arkansas, but not without some interesting headlines, particularly from Saturday's extra innings game. First there was the possum that came out of left field (pun totally intended).

Then the shot that Kramer Robertson took to the face.

After a hit went into the outfield, Kramer ran out to be the cutoff man to the throw-in back to the infield. Anyone who has played shortstop knows that you are put there for your speed and agility. That includes on the quick transition with a throw coming in from the outfield. Unfortunately, as Kramer jumped to meet the ball, he also lost it in the lights.

He took it straight to the mouth.

As reported by, he was a bloody mess on the field. However, there was no way he was coming out of the game. He expressed this to head coach Paul Manieri. His intention was also to use this moment as a metaphor for the Tigers' season. Kramer wanted to show his team that just like he could pick himself up from this injury, they as a team could also salvage their season.

This kind of tenacity could only come from his mother, Kim Mulkey. She is the only women's basketball coach to win a National Championship as a player, assistant coach (both at Louisiana Tech) and head coach. She currently coaches at Baylor.

Here is the postgame interview with Kramer and his newly swollen lip.

Since then, Kramer has no intention of slowing down this season. After LSU was able to rally back in Saturday's game to defeat Arkansas, the junior shortstop also wants to help lead his team into a rally back from a rocky season.

Maybe the fat lip will become a good luck charm.