K-through-12 public schools will see a cut in state funding as a result of a spending plan approved by the Senate finance committee. The head of the Louisiana School Board Association, Scott Richard, says if schools receive fewer state dollars, it will jeopardize the successes that have taken place in public education.

"You've heard about the highest graduation rates of all time, you've heard about the most improved ACT scores, you've heard about improved reading scores," said Richard.

But on an 8-2 vote, the Senate Finance Committee decided to not to give public colleges a reduction in state dollars, instead K-12 public schools would be put on the chopping block.

Shreveport Senator Gregory Tarver says universities have been cut enough.

Higher education in this state has been cut tremendously. 15 times. 15 times. We're not competitive around this country with other schools.



This spending proposal still has to be approved by the full Senate and House before the special session ends at midnight on Thursday.
Lake Charles Senator Ronnie Johns also supports the idea that public colleges shouldn’t be cut any further.
"You can graduate them from 12th grade, but if there's nowhere for them to go then what have we accomplished for those young people," asked Tarver.