If you're a New Orleans Saints fan chances are you know all about Jarrius "Little JJ" Robertson. Last Saturday, "Little JJ" showed up at LSU and was on the sideline throughout  the game.

During a crucial point in the game, LSU showed JJ on the sideline and that's when he took over the stadium.

As soon as cameras zoomed in on "Little JJ," he started to hype-up the crowd and then started to dance on the big screens. The crowd of over 90,000 people erupted as soon as "Little JJ" started to move it like Bernie.

I saw this young boy, who is 14-years-old now, run on the field and along the sidelines non-stop Saturday morning. He truly is a ball of energy and LSU opened their doors to this Louisiana icon.

It was good to see him have so much fun in Tiger Stadium last Saturday as the Tigers took on the Flordia Gators.