I am a certified coaster junkie! Admittedly, I haven't indulged myself in very many coaster trips, but that's something that I hope to correct one day. There's an amusement park in Ohio called Cedar Point that I desperately want to visit.

Cedar Point boasts a record number of roller coasters! The park has 17 coasters which is the second-most in the world behind Six Flags Magic Mountain. Plus it's coasters have been named record holders at some point, whether they be the highest, fastest, or steepest at the time. The newest coaster at Cedar Point is called Valravn, and it is the tallest (233 ft), fastest (75 mph), and longest (3415 ft) dive coaster in the world!

Howabout you take a virtual ride:

My favorite coaster I've ever been on is The Great Bear in Hersheypark, PA. It's one of those kind where your feet dandle, and it has lots of crazy inversions. Check out the POV below!

But all of us from Shreveport have a special place in our hearts for the roller coaster at Hamel's Park. Believe it or not, our beloved coaster lives on in Omaha, Nebraska, after spending time in Celebration City in Branson, Missouri and in the Saginaw County Fairgrounds in Chesaning, Michigan after leaving Hamel’s. Fun Plex in Omaha calls the coaster “The Big Ohhhh!” Even without it’s distinguishing tower lights, it’s still Thunder Rail to me! Click here to ride it again!

Happy Coaster Day Everyone!!!