Last night I attended one of the most touching events I've ever been to. Over the years I've seen many great things come to Shreveport, only for a lackluster turnout to follow.

This certainly wasn't thew case last night.

What I saw showed me that not only is there hope for Shreveport, but there is hope for our country.

Literally hundreds came to the Caddo Courthouse last night to put aside their differences and honor the innocent Americans who lost their live in Orlando. You couldn't fit anyone else in front yard of the courthouse and seeing that was truly special.

There were many speakers who made the night incredible including Mayor Ollie Tyler, Jeff Everson, and Ed Walsh.

The event was organized by P.A.C.E. (People Acting for Change & Equality), the Korner Lounge, Central Station and Mylestone Bar.

Here's a clip I put together featuring Ollie Tyler's moving speech.