So there's a TON of people spouting off about the "Brexit" online today, and as you can probably tell (from their inability to explain what the EU actually is) they don't know what this actually means.

The truth is, for us in America, outside of the Stock Market having it's worst day since 2011, not a whole lot. Unless you're a heavy investor in European markets (and you're 401k or Roth IRA might be, but don't panic), have family there, or are a political junkie, there's little impact for you today. But that doesn't mean there won't be repercussions that will get to you.

Aside from the stock market crash this causes, there are issues with global economics, currency values, trade partnerships, and the possibility that companies who have heavy British investments may see a steep drop in overseas profits, everything's pretty good, right?


This whole thing could get to us in a way we're not even thinking about...our TV.

We just found out this week the ridiculous number of people that watched Game of Thrones this season, and after our experience at Geek'd Con last year, I'm pretty sure a ton of those viewers were from Louisiana/Texas/Arkansas. With all the GoT fans around here, you know this won't sit well with them.

The "Brexit" may hurt Game of Thrones.

Here's what says:

"Shows like Game of Thrones will also be harder — and costlier — to produce, meaning that the real world and the fantasy one will collide to the possible detriment of both.

That’s because if the U.K. votes to leave the EU, it would take Northern Ireland with it, potentially robbing HBO of one of the show’s primary filming locations. It takes a lot of cash to depict Jon Snow and thousands of Stark loyalists defeating Ramsay Bolton’s forces to take back Winterfell, a scene shot there and aired this past Sunday."

Now it's not just GoT that could be impacted. There are various UK-based shows that have large American followings. The impacts on their filming, production, and distribution are all up in the air for right now. Meaning that this move could end up costing us all, even here in the Ark-La-Tex, dearly.