The Honey Badger


It's been known for some time now that former LSU Tiger Tyrann Mathieu intends to rejoin the LSU team next season.

But, something he has done might make that possibility more difficult.

According to a story from, one strike against Mathieu is his allowing his image to be used to promote an event at a local night club. He has also appeared in promotional videos and has been awarded benefits from that same night club club that could alter his eligibility.

Mathieu is attending clases at LSU but is banned from the football facility, although he is allowed to work out in the LSU rec center.

Tyrann Mathieu now stands at the crossroads of redeeming his football career or letting it go. The same thing happened to his father 30 years ago as he became washed up because of his involvement in drugs and violence.

In order for Mathieu to enjoy the fruits of success he must concentrate on making his family life stable, stay away from from lifelong friends who are into drugs and be ready to support a baby due in January.

Just a year ago the Honey Badger Tyrann Mathieu was regarded as one of the best players in college footballand is only the third defensive player since 1994 to be named a Heisman Trophy finalist.

The fans still love you Tyrann!

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