Coming together for the holidays with family can result in a tricky maze of conversation. What should you say, what should you not say and is anyone ever going to mention where your weird uncle went; you know that uncle...we all have one.  In an effort to keep your Christmas holiday jolly, I have included a list of topics to avoid during your Christmas gathering. Make sure to write these down and share with family and friends so your Christmas will not be ruined.

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    If someone starts a conversation with "I read on Facebook" immediately throw them out of your house. Nothing that comes after that phrase will be true. Getting your information from random Facebook posts is pointless. Once you throw them out, make sure to write a Facebook post about it.

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    Food Preferances

    She will be there, that one cousin who is all of sudden a vegan. Brace yourself for the non-stop comments on how your Christmas ham suffered. Don't respond to her. Just make eye contact and shove another piece of delicious ham in your mouth...that will show her.

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    You must have known that this one would be on the list. Politics has divided our country and it is a hot topic. No matter who you voted for, someone will not agree with it. So don't talk about it. Change the subject. Here are some subjects you can use, Christmas sweaters, Jimmy Davis bridge, Youree Drive traffic and of course all of the things you are grateful for this year.

    Alex Wong, Getty Images