It's summertime in Louisiana and that means fish fries!  Man we love cooking outside don't we?  And most of us quasi outdoorsmen have a stash of fish fillets hidden somewhere in a freezer in the garage or shop for just such occasions.

Word to the wise to those guys.  If you haven't checked that refrigerator/freezer in a couple of months, you might want to take a look a little more frequently.

I have such a refrigerator/freezer in my man cave stocked with venison and fresh fish.  It was time for a fish fry and I went out to retrieve some of the freshest white perch fillets in the South, only to discover a smell that would gag a maggot on a gut wagon.

Turns out that the left over coleslaw my mother in law brought to the last fish fry had gone bad.  Really bad!  Who would have guessed that plain old cabbage could smell worse than a baby diaper in the sun on a July afternoon.  It was disgusting.

Well, my gag reflex is pretty funny to my wife and boys.  Never even could change the boys' diapers when they were little without pinching my nose.  Just the way God made me.  Well, this funk hit me before I knew it was coming.  I was hunched over dry heaving for what seemed an eternity as my wife laughed so hard she cried.

It was one of those moments that Thank God wasn't on camera, but the YouTube video of this guy's description of 2 women with terrible body odor has got to be a pretty good reflection of my anguish that day.  This thing is hilarious, so I can only imagine how badly I must have looked.