Geek'd Con Shreveport is just a few weeks away, August 19-21 at the Shreveport Convention Center. It's Shreveport's only Comic Con, and one of the largest Pop Culture conventions in the entire state.

There will be guests from Elvira, Mistress of the Dark, Cassandra Peterson, to Tara Reid from Sharknado, and a ton in between.

If you are planning to come out dressed in cosplay, there are some rules you'll need to know. There are restrictions on weapons, footwear, and fake blood. Check out the list of rules Geek'd Con published today, right here:

1. Geek’d Con is a family event. Because of that, we ask all cosplayers use a PG mentality. Not just with suggestive materials, but blood and gore as well. Think “Swimsuit coverage” and “General Halloween gore”

2. Due to the nature of our event, ANY weapon prop must be AN OBVIOUS TOY. Nothing that resembles a real weapon will be allowed in. THERE WILL BE NO TAG, ZIP TIE, OR OTHER EXCEPTIONS. NO airsoft weapons, nerf darts, bb guns, bladed weapons, or paintball guns.

Weapons that APPEAR to be real will be removed as well, even if they are plastic. Even painted Nerf weapons will be removed.

Items must be OBVIOUSLY A TOY from a distance. Bright yellow Nerf guns, plastic light sabers, rubber swords will be allowed.There will be no judgement calls, it is zero tolerance.

3. No projectiles should be part of your cosplay.

4. No flames, pyro, smoke generators, fog machines, or vapors will be allowed.

5. We ask all attendees ASK before photographing other cosplayers.

6. No liquids or materials that could damage vendor merchandise if spilled will be allowed as a part of your cosplay. This includes, but is not limited to, fake blood and glitter.

7. Footwear must be worn at all times. The Shreveport Convention Center also bans the use of rollerskates, rollerblades, and other “roller” shoes.

8. If you plan to wear something that looks official, military or law enforcement, make it obvious that you are in cosplay. Shreveport PD will be on-hand all weekend, and would probably like to have a word with you otherwise.

9. There is a zero tolerance policy on cosplay bullying as well. If you find it necessary to mock someone, or their cosplay, you will be removed from the event. Our event is a safe environment for everyone to cosplay in.

10. Any hate symbols will be removed from Geek’d Con, more than likely with the person who brought them in.

11. All rules are subject to change at anytime. Neither Geek’d Con or the Shreveport Convention Center are responsible for lost or damaged cosplay property.