We're so close...Margaritaville Resort Casino Presents Geek'd Con 2016, August 19th-21st at the Shreveport Convention Center. Just a few short weeks away.

This year's panel schedule has been delayed a few times as some guests have requested to spend more time with fans on the convention floor. But the Geek'd Con panel list is finally complete and ready to roll out.

Some of the highlights will include a discussion about filming in Louisiana staring three actors and actresses who have all spent time in and around the Shreveport area. There will also be an in-depth cosplay panel with three pro-cosplayers, and a special improv comedy show staring some of the guests of Geek'd Con.

Geek’d Con Shreveport 2016 Panel List

Saturday August 20th

12:00 - Tate Steinsiek - Talking SyFy's Faceoff and Special Effects Makeup

1:00 - Pruitt Taylor Vince, Jennifer Lynn Warren & Azure Parsons - “Filming in Louisiana”

2:00 - Kathy Najimy - Q&A Session

3:00 - Cosplay Chris, Kimberly Dunaway & Krystle Starr - Talking Cosplay around the world

4:00 - Cosplay Contests

Sunday August 21st

1:00 - Who's Con Is It Anyway? An Improv Comedy Show staring Jennifer Lynn Warren, Josh Martin, Chris Rager, & James C. Leary

2:00 - John Hennigan/Morrison (Lucha Underground's Johnny Mundo) & Karlee Perez (Lucha Underground's Catrina) - A live Raw Meet Podcast taping 

3:00 - Brian O’ Halloran - I Assure You It's A Panel