So, in Shreveport you can occasionally run into a major name from Hollywood. It is "Hollywood of the South" after all.

But it's not everyday that you can walk up to a major film star, and ask for an autograph knowing you're going to be met with a pleasant response. Most of the time, it's not a good interaction if you're interrupting their morning Starbucks run. Which is why Geek'd Con is so'll be able to meet celebrities, get picture and autographs, and everyone's cool about it. Stars like...Tara Reid!

Tara Reid’s movie career has intertwined through movies that have totaled over $450 million at the Box Office. But her career hasn’t been limited to the big screen. She’s made memorable performances in TV shows like Saved By The Bell: The New Class, Scrubs, and recently the TV movie series Sharknado.

The 10-year span between 1998 and 2008 was filled with memorable and iconic roles for Reid. With movies like American Pie, The Big Lebowski, Urban Legend, and Cruel Intentions all before the year 2000, Tara went into the new millennium as one of the hottest products in Hollywood. After the year 2000, she took over lead roles for big-budget films like Josie and the Pussycats and National Lampoon’s Van Wilder.

Recently, her career has had a rejuvenating push with her work in the Sharknado film series.

The Sharknado series is an invention of the SyFy network, that features exactly what it sounds like, a tornado full of sharks. As crazy as some may think that sounds, it’s spawned 4 movies, tons of licensed merch, and legions of fans.