Geek'd Con is rolling into the Shreveport Convention Center this weekend, and the lineup of guests wraps all the way around the geek world. From comic book guests to SFX makeup artists, and professional cosplayers mixed in, there's something for everyone.

Especially in the pro wrestling world, where fans will be treated to not only one, but two major pro wrestling stars. Alongside former ECW Heavyweight Champion John Morrison, will be former NXT diva and current Lucha Underground star Karlee Perez.

Perez may have had many names along the way, but the one constant, is that she kicks butt.

In WWE's NXT she carried the name Maxine, and in today's Lucha Underground, she runs the show under the name Catrina. Her ferocious style shines whether she's fighting in the ring, or managing wrestlers from the outside. Her dominance caught the attention of Rolling Stone, who gave her the full blown interview treatment that is enjoyed by few in the pro wrestling world.