Cassandra Peterson is one of the most well known horror icons in the world. The name Evlira is so well known across the world, you can find items from plates to pinball machines with her likeness across them.

The character of Elvira was created by Cassandra Peterson in the early 80s as the hostess for a late-night horror TV show. The show was Elvira’s Movie Macabre, which featured b-level horror movies, and Elvira’s new brand of strong female humor. The Elvira character looked like nothing more than ‘eye candy’, but with her quick wit, and willingness to take shots at anyone and everyone, people quickly realized she was more than they anticipated.

With the popularity of Elvira carrying across the last three decades, Cassandra Peterson has found herself high on the list of convention headliners. She arguably the longest legacy among the top tier of headliners on the ‘horror’ convention circuit.

All of this is why it’s so amazing that Cassandra Peterson will be joining Geek’d Con this year in Downtown Shreveport.