This is the final week of preparation for Geek'd Con 2016 in Downtown Shreveport. One of the biggest prep-time areas is cosplay.

Geek'd Con will welcome thousands participating in cosplay next weekend, some will be doing it for fun, while others will be looking to compete in the various cosplay contests to be held on Saturday.

The most important thing to be away of is the cosplay rules for the event, which apply to everyone, not just those in the contest. Some of the main points are the zero-tolerance policy on realistic looking weapons (obvious toys and fantasy weapons are exempt) and the swimsuit coverage policy.

This year, the Geek'd Cosplay Contest will expand. Now it will include multiple categories, and a longer program. Everyone from advanced cosplayers to children will have a division they can participate in.

The contest will be presented by, and will be coordinated and hosted by UberGeeks Cosplay - Team UGC

Here are the rules provided by Geek'd Con:

Rules for etiquette and attire:

Geek'd Con is a family friendly convention. All costumes must adhere to family standards.

1. Shoes must be worn at all time.

2. All cosplays must follow "swimsuit" etiquette. All genitalia MUST be COMPLETELY covered at all times. Body art and pasties used as cover are not allowed.

3. All props must follow Shreveport Convention Center's rules. (No real weaponry, metal props, guns, or anything that appears to pose a threat.) Convention security reserves the right to check and reject any prop.

4. No projectiles (including glitter, blood, business cards or anything not attached to your physical body). This applies to both the con floor and stage show.

5. All horror fx makeups may not include oozing, dripping, or sticky substances that could run off on merchandise or cause a hazard to others on the floor. All stage blood MUST be dry.

*Failure to adhere to any rules can result in you being asked to leave the conventions. Security reserves the right to remove any person(s) for failure to comply.*

Stage show:

We are proud to announce Geek'd Con will be having a full stage show. Each contestant will be allowed to walk, strike one pose, and then exit the stage.

Single/couple cosplays will have 30 seconds of stage time. Groups of three (3) or more will be given an additional 15 seconds on stage.


While everybody will be allowed to walk, those who agree to on-stage judging may be stopped by the panel of judges for a brief Q&A about the work that youve done. This is not indicative of placing if you are stopped.


We will be awarding multiple categories based off of skill level, genre, and age. The categories are as follows:

*Children's division (1st place, Runner up)
*FX/Horror (1st place, Runner up)
*Novice/Walk-on (1st place, Runner up)
*Intermediate (1st, 2nd, 3rd)
*Advanced (1st, 2nd, 3rd)