We could see another bump in gas prices in the coming week. Rising crude oil prices are the likely culprit. Trilby Lundberg-publisher of the Lundberg Survey says after nine weeks of dropping gas prices they reversed course last week with a gallon of regular up a half penny to $2.17. She says the highest price for gas right now is in the San Francisco Bay area at $2.67 and the low is in Tucson, Arizona at $1.81. Locally, we are paying about $1.80 a gallon for regular unleaded in Shreveport Bossier.

Gasbuddy shows the lowest prices in our area are at the WalMart stores where you can get gas for $1.77 a gallon.


So how much has gas been over the years? In 1930 it was .12 cents a gallon. By 1940 prices were up to .20 cents. It jumped to .30 cents in 1950 and .45 cents in 1960. For a gallon in 1970, you paid .70 cents and .99 cents in 1980. Prices dropped in 1990 to .89 cents, but then things started to change. In 2009, we were paying $3.99 a gallon. Today, prices have dropped under $2.00.