Another violent incident at a mall in the United States leaves four women and a man dead..

The Associated Press released this update:

"Authorities say a fifth person has died following a shooting at a shopping mall north of Seattle. A spokesman for the Skagit County Emergency Operations Center says the unidentified male victim died early Saturday at a Seattle hospital. Four female victims died earlier following the Friday night shooting at the Cascade Mall in Burlington, Washington".

  KIRO TV reports the search continues for the gunman.

A Washington State Patrol spokesman says police were seeking a Hispanic man wearing black and armed with a "hunting-type" rifle last seen walking toward Interstate 5.

Authorities say the motive was unknown for the shooting about 60 miles (97 kilometers) north of Seattle.

Police report a young man with a rifle walked into a Macy’s department store in Washington state Friday night, shot and killed four women, injured one man, and walked away.

The shooting at the crowded Cascade Mall, about 65 miles north of Seattle, sent shoppers pouring out into the parking lot and sparked a massive manhunt.

The police are still searching for the suspected shooter, described as a Hispanic man.

The Seattle Times reports the Federal Bureau of Investigation was sending agents to assist local law enforcement, a spokeswoman for the FBI said Friday night.“At this time, we do not have information to suggest additional attacks planned in Washington,” said the FBI Seattle division spokeswoman, Ayn Dietrich-Williams.

“Our hearts are in Burlington where a shooter has taken the lives of at least four people,” said Washington Gov. Jay Inslee. “Many questions remain but our state patrol and local law enforcement are on the scene working swiftly to locate the shooter and clear the area.”

At a Popeye’s fast-food restaurant across the street from the mall, a worker said he saw people running into the street after the shooting. “We heard about it and five minutes later we seen everybody running out of the mall,” said the male worker, who declined to be identified.

“People were running for their lives,” he said. “They weren’t screaming, but they were frightened and were just getting out of the area.” Another witness told a local television reporter that he was in the mall when he heard a shot that “sounded like a clap real quick and then it went again, just bang bang bang bang bang about seven, eight shots and that’s when I turned around and I just started running for safety.”

The suspected shooter, a slim, dark-haired man dressed in gray, was last seen walking away from the mall, said Heather Axtman, a state trooper. The shooter’s motive is unknown at this time, Ms. Axtman said

Police said they were clearing the mall so emergency responders could get in and tend to the injured.