Man, I hate these stories. Former Toronto Mayor, and one of the most colorful political characters in WORLD HISTORY, has passed away at 46-years-old.

Ford has been battling cancer for a few years, even having tumors removed from his body. He lost his battle today.

The larger-than-life mayor came to fame in 2013 after reports surfaced of the insane stories that surrounded him, which included smoking crack, urinating in public, sexually charged press conferences, and heavy drinking. Culminating in his press conference where he admitting to smoking crack-cocaine.

This isn't a small city mayor either, Toronto has a population of 2.6 million people. Making the idea of a major metro Mayor admitting to smoking crack openly in a press conference, a major story.

The saddest part of this story is that Rob Ford was a man. He was a man who tried to do what was right by his people, who tried to get better for his family, and man who had demons. We create a caricature of this man because of his role, and what he was doing, and it makes us uncomfortable to view him as a man with issues.

Rob Ford leaves behind a wife, and two children.