Is there anything that feels better after a long day than kicking off your shoes? Okay, ladies I am not privy to the bra removal feeling but kicking off the shoes is right up there. Most of us have or have had foot pain. Many of us who work in Louisiana do so on our feet.

Some of the most common complaints about your barking dogs are pain in the heel, pain in the arch, strange formations on the side of your toes, and that always dreaded nail fungus that has kept many a dainty foot out of summer sandals.


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    Heel Pain

    A lot of runners experience this kind of pain. It is usually diagnosed as plantar fasciits. It's not fun. The best cure for this is a series of stretches and some rest. Now for regular heel pain. It might just be the wear and tear on your feet. Medical professionals suggest this treatment. Freeze a bottle filled with water. Place that bottle on the floor and roll it beneath your feet. The cooling will help reduce swelling and inflammation and  that might be enough to ease your pain.

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    Stiff Big Toe

    When your big toe hurts your whole foot hurts. In football they have an ailment called turf toe that can cripple a world class athlete. Most of us just have stiffness in our big toe. The cause could be osteoarthritis which is a stiffening of the joint in the toe. When you consider how much pressure you put on the toe with each step you take. It is no wonder you're in pain. If it's not arthritis your answer could be as simple as changing shoes and over the counter medication. Ask your doctor, they will always have the best advice.

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    Up until two months ago I had no idea what a bunion was. I thought it was a tasty snack from the vending machine but no, unless you have a strange fetish, it's not something you'd want in your mouth. Bunions usually occur because of ill fitting shoes. The big toe gets pushed against the other toes or the outside of the shoe and this creates a huge but painful callous. Medical professionals suggest toe stretching exercises. Yes, the have those. The relief you're looking for could come a result of a couple of minutes of stretching every night.

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    Toe Nail Fungus

    We've all seen those yellow nasty and beast-like yellow toes especially when visiting Orange Beach. What can you do to chase the fungus away? You're going to want to speak to your doctor. He or she might prescribe some over the counter anti-fungal medicine. They might also write a prescription for a stronger anti-fungal. It will take time to make your nails pretty and thin again. In the meantime don't wear sandals, some of us are trying to eat around here.


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    Stink Foot

    This gets to be a very common problem during the warm weather months. Your feet are trapped inside your shoes. That environment is a perfect breeding ground for bacteria. This bacteria start giving off waste products and boom your feet start to smell like a paper mill that is next door to a manure factory. Medical professionals suggest that you give your feet a chance to breathe everyday. This will also allow your shoes the chance to air out and dry out. You might consider different socks or an over the counter foot spray. I would also avoid any restaurants where it is customary to remove your shoes before dining.

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