Faith Hill might have a ways to go to match the sports theme longevity that Hank Williams, Jr. has had, but when ‘Sunday Night Football’ returns on September 11, she'll will be back, too.

Hill has recorded a new version of the theme song, ‘Waiting All Day for Sunday Night,’ as she returns for her fifth year with the show.

“I wait all year for ‘Sunday Night,’” Hill said. “Somehow the season wouldn’t feel the same without seeing everyone from NBC [and] ‘Sunday Night Football’ over the summer, when we record and film the NFL open. It makes it feel like the wait for the season is somehow shorter.”

Hill has an upcoming album, which will be her first since 2005's ‘Fireflies’ due in March.

She is working with producers Brendan O’Brien and Brian Kennedy and told Billboard, “I would like to have a record out, but it hasn’t been the right thing yet. I don’t want it to be just another record. It’s a lot of work to support a record, so I just want it to be… really great. I want it to represent where I am as a woman. I don’t want it to be fake. I want it to be authentic and real.”