Sisters from South Louisiana get help from Ellen DeGeneres.


Sisters Jonetta and Natalie lost their home twice in the past decade; to Hurricane Katrina and again in the recent flooding in Louisiana. Through it all, they've managed to stay positive, and Ellen couldn't wait to meet them – and give them an amazing surprise!

The Advocate of Baton Rouge
reports Jonetta Bennett and Natalie Bennett Thomas were thrilled when they found out "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" wanted to do a short interview with them about the troubles they've been through not once, but twice. The sisters lost their home in New Orleans during Hurricane Katrina. They moved to Baton Rouge to start over, but lost their new home during the August floods.

Ellen DeGeneres had quite a surprise in store for the sisters during their appearance on the show. She handed the pair a check for $100,000 to help them rebuild.

"I know your spirit, and I had to share it with everybody because your spirit is unbelievable," DeGeneres said as she introduced the two women to her audience.