It hasn't been the greatest start for the New Orleans Saints this year. They're 2-4 and in 3rd place in the NFC South. But in the grand scheme of the season, it's not too late.

But as with every Saints season for the last decade, the team goes how Drew Brees goes. Which means this could be a big week for the team, here's the setup from the Louisiana Radio Network:

"The Saints passing game faces a major test this Sunday against Seattle. The Seahawks have become one of the best teams in the league, because of how they defend the pass. New Orleans Quarterback Drew Brees says Seattle’s defense doesn’t have a weak link."

The Saints still have an outside shot at the Playoffs, but in order to keep that hope alive, they really need to step up over the next couple weeks. After this weekend, they travel to the west coast to play the 49ers, before hosting the Denver Broncos, and then heading to Carolina for a Thursday night game with the Panthers.