The Dallas Cowboys improved to 12-2 on the season after they defeated The Tampa Bay Buccaneers Sunday night. However, it was the rookie sensation for the Dallas Cowboys that stole the show Sunday night.

Not only did Ezekiel Elliot have one of his best games of the year Sunday night, he also made headlines after he jumped into a large Salvation Army kettle after scoring a touchdown.

The kettles have become a fixture in Dallas' stadium through the years and Elliot reminded all of us that we should all give back during the holidays.

Sadly, Elliot was penalized for this type celebration, but he says if the National Football League fines him, he'll match the fine with a donation to The Salvation Army.

Until then, we'll just enjoy Elliot playing Peek-A-Boo with his teammates. See, it's okay to have fun in the NFL. If only they'd allow it.

UPDATE: The Salvation Army says that it has taken in over $180,000 since Elliot leaped into their red kettle in AT&T Stadium.