AT&T Stadium had a rocking vibe Sunday night as the Dallas Cowboys (1-1) and our hometown kid Dak Prescott went up against the Chicago Bears. Dak Prescott has been impressing everyone and their momma these past few weeks (66-99, 66.7% passing,767 yards and 1 TD) which that touchdown happened to be his first career touchdown throw to Dez Bryant during the fourth quarter. Here is how the game went leading up to Daks first passing touchdown.

In the first quarter Ezekiel Elliot had a 21 yard carry up the middle to start the game and gets the tempo moving for the Cowboys. The very next play Prescott thows a out route to Dez Bryant for a 8 yd gain but Bryant had what looked like a nasty leg injury on that play and was taking off to the locker room. Now, the next play after the Cowboys Prescott throws another out route to slot receiver Cole Beasley and he got hit hard and left the field with a chest injury. Two plays later both Bryant and Beasley were back in the game and making a huge impact in the first quarter, Beasley had 2 receptions for 14 yards and Bryant had 2 catches for 11 yards to help set up a 1 yard Dak Prescott touchdown run to go up 7-0 on the Bears. It was a solid opening drive for the Cowboys and they did not let up.

The second drive for Dallas really got the offensive line and Elliot rolling. Elliot had 7 rushes for 51 yards in the first quarter and did not stop there. The second Cowboy drive was highlighted by a Prescott pass to Terrence Williams for 17 yards and then Elliot ran it for another 11 yards to set up a 49 yard field goal for Dan Bailey to go up 10-0 with 4:59 left in the first quarter.

Now, The second quarter was all Dak Prescott as he went 6-7 for 72 yards and two perfect throws to Terrence Williams both inside the 5 yard line to set up a rushing touchdown for Lance Dunbar (4:09 into the 2nd) and Alfred Morris(7:09 into the second quarter). The Cowboys lead the Bears 24-3 at halftime.

Next, during halftime Brian Hoyer must have had a rejuvenation because the Bears controlled the third quarter by holding the Cowboy offense to just 67 yards of total offense and Prescott to 2-4 with 49 yards. Bears quarterback Brian Hoyer went on a hot streak during their second drive of  the game going 9-13 for 53 yards and touchdown pass to Zach Miller on the two yard line. Chicago looked like they were rolling with momentum especially after Dak Prescott threw a long bomb to Terrence Williams and it looked like a sure touchdown but Williams fumbled the ball at the 10 yard line to give the bears the ball back

Finally, in the fourth quarter Dallas got their groove back and Dak Prescott finally got his first passing touchdown of his NFL career and it was to Dez Bryant who brought it in from 15 yards out as he dove into the end zone to make the score 31-10. When Prescott was asked about his first career passing TD he replied “I had a couple of close moments there early on in the game. And then Dez got it in there, it took a lot of attempts but it happen”. When I asked Morris Claiborne, who is from Shreveport, about his health and how he is making a comeback of sorts he replied “I feel different about this team, this season and my health. I have more confidence coming out and playing football.” I went on and asked Mo Claiborne about how he feels about Dak being from this area and how he is playing so well as a rookie. Claiborne replied “First off, Dak is unbelievable. Nothing seems to get to him, even off the field how he walks around like nothing gets to him and I’m proud of how well he is playing.”

As Dak continues to fill in for Tony Romo, Prescott is still opening eyes to his critics wit his poise, athleticism, and decision making as he has yet to throw an interception this year. Dak might be the next big thing in the Big D so keep your eyes open.