That's a solid swipe for the Cowboys.

After a year filled with turmoil and injuries in the backfield, the Dallas Cowboys are looking to solidify the running back slot heading into 2016.

This morning reports broke that Alfred Morris was on his way to Dallas on a 2-year-deal. Which means this is a double-punch to the Cowboy's rivals, because Morris has spent his entire career as a work-horse and fan-favorite for the Washington Redskins.

Last year, while dealing with their own turmoil, the Redskins minimized the role Morris had in their offense, leaning more on rookie Matt Jones.

Morris is 27-years-old, which may sounds young for a quarterback, but as a running back, it's up there in age. In addition to the fact that he's seen some of the highest carries in the league over the last few years, there's really no telling how much gas is left in the tank. But on a 2-year-deal, that probably won't come into play.

Expect Morris to not only become relevant in the Dallas backfield, but to even become relevant again in the world of Fantasy Football.