Some parents are concerned that a stranger gave some kindergarten students at Bellaire Elementary treats while they were on the playground. One mom tells KEEL News she was upset that authorities were not contacted after the principal found out some children had eaten the treats. We inquired about the incident and received this statement from Sonja Bailes with the Bossier Parish School Board:

What happened is kindergarten students were on the playground for recess Tuesday when one of the children spotted an elderly woman walking on the sidewalk on the other side of the fence whom she thought was her grandmother. The child ran over to see the woman, then realized it was not her grandmother. The woman did not call the children over to her. About this same time, several other children ran to the fence and the woman gave them something similar to a Rice Krispie treat.

KEEL News has been told that an elderly woman in the Bellaire neighborhood makes rice cakes and often hands them out in the area and she meant no harm.
The statement from the School Board adds:

After talking with the children, a teacher learned the woman had given them a treat, which they ate. This was immediately reported to the principal, who then called parents to inform them of what happened. She also instructed teachers to talk to their students about stranger danger and not accepting food or candy from someone they did not know. A school nurse also checked out the children. None of them showed any signs of illness that day (Tuesday) or Wednesday.The School Resource Officer is also addressing students about stranger danger and the importance of not accepting food or anything else from someone they don't know.