Eight of the LSU Tigers might be playing their last college football game in the Chick-fil-A Bowl this New Year's Eve.

They are Barkevious Mingo, Sam Montgomery, Eric Reid, Kevin Minter, Bennie Logan, Tharold Simon, Spencer Ware and Michael Ford.

They have to decide by January 15 if they'll leave early for the NFL or if they'll stay at LSU. Some have already decided and some haven't yet. It's a big decission that not only affects their lives, but the lives of others such as family, friends, teammates and coaches.

Eight LSU Tigers are viable candidates to enter the NFL draft early, but making the decision isn't easy nor should it be made prematurely.

[LSU's Barkevious Mingo]
Stacy Revere/Getty Images[/caption]LSU defensive end Barkevious Mingosaid, "The decision is there and it will have to be made, but this week is about this team and having fun with my teammates. We’ll cross that road when it gets here."

Mingo is projected to be a very high first-round pick and has been swarmed by agents lately. “You almost want to change your phone munber,” Mingo said.




[LSU's Sam Montgomery]
Joe Murphy/Getty Images[/caption]LSU defensive end Sam Montgomeryis also projected to be a first-round pick. Montgomery said, "I’ll make up my mind right after the game."

Once the LSU Tigers return to Baton Rouge next week, we should start hearing about their decisions from other team members like Eric Reid, Kevin Minter, Bennie Logan, Tharold Simon, Spencer Ware and Michael Ford.




They too will have to decide whether the time is right to pursue that glamorous career in the NFL that they’ve dreamed of for a long time.

Eric Reid
Chris Graythen/Getty
Kevin Minter
Joe Murphy/Getty
Bennie Logan
Kevin C. Cox/Getty
Tharold Simon
Kevin C. Cox/Getty
Spencer Ware
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Michael Ford
Ronald Martinez/Getty

Coach Les Miles said, "We give them all the information that we have,” Miles said. “We tell them not to give the NFL a deal. There’s an opportunity to increase your draft status and get your degree and win and have an opportunity to win a national awards — or not."