Weird News

NASA Studies a Rare Phenomena – Growing Louisiana Deltas
The Louisiana coast is a strange thing.  Marshes, swamps, and wetlands dot the Delta region of the Bayou State in a very confusing way.  I am about to make it more confusing.
According to the smarty-smartersons at NASA, the Louisiana coastline is actually disappearing at the rate of 1 footb…
Are UFO Sightings On The Rise In The SBC?
UFO sightings have appeared to be on the rise in recent years but is it because aliens are out there or is it because drones are becoming more popular. Well the answer varies based on who you ask!
It seems every few months we see a new sighting being reported by local new stations like this one from …
NBA Player Inappropriately Touched By Ghost?
The LA Lakers played OKC on Sunday and many players reported seeing ghosts at the team hotel including Metta World Peace(Ron Artest). The team stayed at the legendary OKC hotel The Skirvin Hotel which is rumored to be haunted.
"The ghosts were all over me...

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