Former NBA Champ Rajon Rondo to The Pelicans?
The New Orleans Pelicans are looking to finish building this "Super Team" today.
After the Pels went out to get DeMarcus Cousins at the trade deadline last year, a lot of people said the combo he'd make with franchise star Anthony Davis was going to be good enough to make the P…
Former La Tech Star Paul Millsap is a Free Agent
Anyone have a need for a 4-time NBA All-Star from Monroe?
Because former Louisiana Tech star Paul Millsap just became a free agent last night, and is looking for a new home in the NBA. Here's the overview from the Louisiana Radio Network:
"Former Louisiana Tech star Paul Millsap is a fre…
Can You Name the Top NBA Scorers Who Were Born in Shreveport?
We find ourselves where two roads meet this morning. The NBA Finals are in full swing, while at the same time Shreveport is arguing over whether or not they should become the home for an NBA-affiliated basketball team.
So while those two are swirling together, let's use the theme to have so…

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