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North Korea Fails in Attempt to Launch Long-Range Missile
North Korea found itself front and center in the international community when it launched a long-range missile Friday morning, local time.
Despite the country’s reported efforts, officials in the US claim the launch failed because the rocket broke before leaving the Earth&CloseCurlyQu…
Watch a Florida Family Rescue a 300-Pound Beached Dolphin
During a leisurely boating trip late last week near Fort George Island in Florida, Kerry Ware and her family spotted a dolphin stranded on a sandbar. Fortunately, Ware and her father were able to save the beached animal by dragging it with great effort to deeper water.
Bathroom Peeper Busted Using iPhone
From the technology crime bureau comes an unsettling report of an enterprising gentleman in Albany, NY who tried to get hot shots of ladies doing their business in a CVS bathroom with his iPhone, only to get busted by the cops.

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