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A long time rivalry game stirred up emotions in the stands. KTBS reports police had to be called in to break up several fights among some of the parents attending the game.

The Captain Shreve-Byrd rivalry boiled over into the stands this week as grown ups on the Shreve side got into quite a brawl. Shreve won the game on the field, but police arrested three people in connection with the fighting. Another man was arrested for a separate incident.

The KTBS report says authorities have called the video taken of the incident disturbing.

The report says the girl in the video with the red shirt was hospitalized after she was beaten by the man wearing black.


Cpl. Marcus Hines says those arrested were not students at either school:

Johnya Hall, 35
Christopher Hall, 36
Melinda King, 37

They have each been charges with disturbing the peace while fighting.

36-year-old Kenneth Poole was charged with disturbing the peace for a separate incident not directly related to the brawl seen on the video.