A local man will serve jail time after being convicted of killing his neighbor's cat.

A Bossier City couple never thought their neighbor would kill their pet, but after nine cats - many of them rescues - disappeared, they decided to install security cameras in their backyard. What they discovered surprised them.

The video shows Randy and Patsy Hamilton's cat, Oreo, walking around in the back of their fenced yard. The animal walks behind a tree and is never seen again. Moments later, 68-year-old Larry Negard is seen climbing the fence and running into the Hamiltons' yard holding an empty garbage bag. He reaches down and puts something heavy into the back and runs back out of the yard.

Negard reappears, reaching over his six-foot privacy fence with a hose and begins spraying water into Hamilton's yard in the area where he was seen moments earlier. According to a Bossier-Webster D.A.'s Office news release, Bossier City police found a pool of blood and tissue in the same area of the yard.

Judge E. Charles Jacobs presided over Negard's trial. He found this was clearly an attempt by Negard to conceal the evidence of his crime.

Negard represented himself at his trial. He claimed he had entered his neighbor's yard to retrieve one of his own dogs, but the dog is never seen in the video.

Assistant District Attorney Richard Bay, who prosecuted the case, said Negard was offered several opportunities to plead guilty and pay a fine and court costs, but he refused.

"He was offered probation and no jail time, but he repeatedly refused and insisted on going to trial," Ray said. "With the video evidence, we knew we had a strong case against him. In the last few years, the Hamiltons have had other cats die from gunshots or from being beaten. We were pleased the court found Mr. Negard guilty as charged."

Negard was convicted of simple cruelty to animals. Judge Jacobs sentenced him to six months in the parish jail, with all but 10 days suspended. He's also been ordered to pay a $500 fine plus court costs, as well as $500 in restitution to the cat's owners.

"We are so thankful that the Bossier Police Department and the District Attorney's Office took this matter seriously," said Randy Hamilton. "We just hope this will never happen to anyone else's pet."

Take a look at the Hamiltons' video: