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For most of us it was our first job. We got our mothers to make a pitcher of lemonade. We took the folding card table out of the storage room. We made a sign. We got ice and cups and we set up curbside to sell lemonade.

There was a certain thrill that I can still remember of collecting a few dollars on a Summer afternoon while quenching the thirst of neighborhood kids, parents, and probably some pedophiles that once roamed freely before society figured out they were a real problem.

In recent years the time honored tradition of a lemonade stand has fallen under fire by state, local, and even the federal government. What a shame. Now the Louisiana Senate has passed legislation that would protect the neighborhood lemonade stand.

The bill that passed unanimously would exempt minors who run these stands from having to pay an occupational tax license. That exemption would apply ff the proceeds from their stands were less than $500 annually.

We’ve had some instances where local jurisdictions are actually writing tickets to these 7 and 8-year-olds for not having an occupational license for their lemonade stand.

Those were the words of Norco Senator Gary Smith as reported by the Louisiana Radio Network. Wow, there were actually some jackwagon government officials who did this?

Well kids of Louisiana fear no more! Your Louisiana Senate has your back.If you really want the lawmakers on your side throw in a little vodka. No wait, they increased the tax on that. So, never mind.  It's a shame that sometimes common sense has to be legislated. The measure now will go to the House for debate, discussion, and a vote.