Usually when an internet hoax catches fire it has to do with the false report of a celebrity death (how many times did you read that Abe Vigoda died?). But the latest internet lie hits a little closer to home: Bossier City, to be precise.

Despite what the website is reporting - and no matter how many times the story has been shared on social media - 108 Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World Stores, including our own Bossier City location, are not closing.

In fact, when you go to, you're redirected to a site called which promotes itself with the line, "Create A Prank and Share It!"

Some prank. Telling people that they're losing their jobs, that a community is losing a major employer and that their economy can't support a business.

So, if you saw the story and thought it was true, rest easy. And is social media. Don't believe everything you see. And think twice before you share.