While the cat's away, the mice will play. I found this cool little test for men to determine if you are a metrosexual. It's fun and quick and we found out a lot about our own Robert J. Wright during the process.

So you want to take the test? Here's the link.

Matt Parker scored a 22 on the Metrosexual Quiz while our buddy Dan Keele scored a 38. Having a little fun we took the test for Robert and he scored a whopping 85 out of 100.  Here's what the quiz masters say about Robert and his Metrosexualness:

"You’re a total metrosexual. Groomed and gorgeous, you likely have all the products to make sure every single hair is in place, every pore is exfoliated and every nail trimmed and buffed.. You take the utmost care when picking out what you’re going to wear - and it likely takes you longer than most women to get ready. Your outfits are the latest styles and picks of the season in terms of color. Trendy and smelling sweet, you give the ladies a run for their money! This doesn’t mean you don’t embrace your manliness - it's just that you take extra special care of your appearance, whether you’re out on the town or getting the mail."