We've wrapped up Animania from 2nd & Charles in Bossier City, and it was quiet at weekend.

Day 2 was full of card tournaments, more cosplay, new art vendors, comic book purchases, and of course the huge Super Smash Brothers video game tournament.

Yes, I did randomly drop 'comic book purchases' in there, I will get to that in a second.

The Smash Brothers tournament was something to see (and hear), and you knew it was going to be big, as a huge rush of players hit the doors as soon as they opened at 10am. They came through carrying their own controllers, special gloves, and one guy even brought his own chair.

The tournament was controlled chaos. Groups celebrated their friend's victories, while other groups fell silent when their players lost. Some were even getting physically upset when they found out that a game like Super Smash Brothers doesn't care about your skill...there's a metric ton of luck that goes into that game.

Anyway, back to the comic book story.

While we were attending Animania, we were leaking some of the guest list for Geek'd Con 2016. One of the guests that doesn't need to be 'leaked' is George Perez, who has already been announced as a headliner for the event. Mr. Perez is one of the greatest living comic book artists we have, and his created characters have stood the test of time. While I had a few minutes today, I wondered over to 2nd & Charles back-stock of comics. They have dozens of long-boxes, and it didn't take me long to find the row with "The New Teen Titans" littered through it.

After about 5 mins, I had a small stack of key issues from the series for George Perez to sign this August. (And don't worry, I left some for you...and there's always Excalibur's stock too!)

Thank you to everyone who came out for Animania, don't forget to score your Geek'd Con tickets, so we can do it all again, on a much bigger scale, in August!