If there was one name tossed out more over the last year than Amy Schumer, it likely would have been Hamilton, so let’s get those crazy kids together! A new sketch from Inside Amy Schumer Season 4 pairs the comedian with Hamilton creator Lin-Manuel Miranda for a new hip-hop musical on another famous American figure.

Following Schumer’s overexposure, and recent Game of Thrones tease, Entertainment Weekly copped the first full sketch from the new season premiering on April 21. In it, Schumer’s real-life sister and producer Kim Caramele recruits Miranda for a new musical showcase based on Betsy Ross, with Questlove on drums. The sketch follows Schumer’s public adoration and attendance of Hamilton, noting of her sister’s equal enthusiasm:

It’s actually a problem. She’ll put the soundtrack on at any, sometimes inappropriate time.

The revered sketch show has already been renewed for a fifth season to air in 2017, so there’s plenty more pop culture parodies to come beyond the April 21 premiere as well. Guests for Season 4 thus far also include Steve Buscemi and Selena Gomez.

You can watch the first teasers again below, and stay tuned for more on Inside Amy Schumer Season 4.