This year marks the eleventh anniversary of Hurricane Katrina. The Hurricane formed in August, 2005. On August 29, 2005 the storm was downgraded from a Category 5 to a Category 3 before hitting landfall in Louisiana.

After hitting land, levees were breached in New Orleans and devastating flood waters were the result. The city of New Orleans and surrounding areas were left in ruin. Over 1200 lives were lost and many of the ones who survived lost all they owned. It has taken years for the city of New Orleans and surrounding areas in Louisiana and Mississippi to recover as well as the people from those areas.  Sadly eleven years many have yet to recover.

One of the signs of this long road to recovery is Jazzland. Jazzland was an amusement park built in New Orleans.  The park opened in the year 2000. By the following year the park was struggling. In 2002 Six Flags purchased Jazzland and later changed the name of the park to Six Flags New Orleans. The park closed as normal on Sunday August 21, 2005. It was scheduled to reopen the following weekend on August 27th. However, because of the impending storm the park closed in preparation for the storm. To this day the park has not reopened. While there has been talk of demolishing the park, currently what is left still remains in New Orleans. The park is almost ghost like as a reminder of what happened in August of 2005 haunting the city with memories of once was.

There is good news! There is talk of reopening the park under new ownership in 2018. Hopefully reopening the park will bring a sense of rebirth to an area that so desperately needs it.

Check out the video below of what the park looked like years after Katrina.