A day after the tragic murder-suicide that involved Kansas City Chiefs line backer Jovan Belcher and his girlfriend Kasandra Perkins, more details are beginning to surface.

According to Belcher's closest friends, a mixture of alcohol, painkillers, and even relationship issues may have played a huge role in the tragedy.

Belcher's friend, who has not been identified, sent an email to Deadspin.com, claiming the possibility that concussions from Belcher's November 18th game could have played another role.

His friend detailed in the email that Belcher after the game,

"was dazed and was suffering from short-term memory loss. He could not remember the events that had taken place prior to that game or what he had said to get Kasi [Kasandra Perkins] to return home. If you review the footage of the Cincinnati game, he took a few hits to the head directly."

Belcher's friend pointed out that Belcher and Perkins often got into deep arguments. He described that the night before the tragedy, Perkins attended a concert without Belcher, and as soon as she got home at 1 a.m., the two argued. The friend said the argument was the tipping point.

The same friend also told Deadspin, that Belcher was a heavy drinker that he, "drank ALOT. On a nightly basis."

He also added that Perkins was "the catalyst" in the relationship and that they both were, "very young and immature", and how that may have, "combined with other factors led to this tragedy."