Over the last couple of week, there were new rumors, and confirmed rumors about some big new music festivals coming to Texas. These are big shows, headlined by some of the biggest names in the music world.

Texas already has their fair share of these type of events, and some are within driving distance for us...but it's not like having your own festival. Which, if big enough, would be a huge boost to the local economy, in addition to being cool as hell.

But WHERE could you have something like this? Glad I pretended you asked, because I've spent the last hour looking up some places around town we could do this. They may not be the best places, but with the right plan, these places could host some insane events.

#6 - Querbes Park & Golf Club


OK, so this one might take some imagination, but lets try it. Close your eyes and imagine stages set up a different ends of the golf course, food vendors lining cart paths, people wandering freely. This could work. Biggest issue though...parking. Yeah, sucks.

#5 - The Parking Lots of The CenturyLink Center

Like most of you, I've been to a music festival in the parking lot of a large indoor structure. My favorite experience like this was Warped Tour 2005 outside the Pontiac Silverdome near Detroit. It was insanely hot, it was packed, and it was a blast.

With the real estate that exists outside the CenturyLink, a massive outdoor festival would fit perfectly. We'd just have to do it in December, so no one died from the heat off that blacktop.

#4 - Stoner Park/Veterans Park


Right away, parking would again be a nightmare here. There's not a crazy amount of space either, unless you use the space between the lanes of the Clyde Fant Parkway. Which would also have to be closed down, and I don't mean Mardi-Gras-closed either, where people still drive up and down it all day...closed.

Mostly I think this would be fun because you'd have the Red River as a backdrop, and you could use "Stoner Park" in the name...which writes itself.

#3 - The Shreveport Downtown Airport


Oh yes. Look at all of that space. I have friends in other parts of the country who have been able to use the space on airport grounds to put some massive music fests together. So it CAN be done. Convincing someone to shut down this public airport for a couple of days might be the hardest part. But imagine the cool things you could do with a freaking airport!?!

#2 - Independence Stadium 

Getty Images

You knew this one was coming, it makes too much sense.

There could be a large music fest inside, outside in the parking lot, or both. There's so much room here, seating already in place, and the infrastructure to have thousands of people on-site.

The hardest part of this plan would be to develop a festival that could fill this many seats.

#1 - Barksdale Air Force Base

I know, right away you say no. But hear me out.

They already do an airshow here, why not a music festival?

The base has the land needed, security isn't an issue, and you could do it for a great cause! Use an event like this to help raise money for the fantastic veterans organizations out there. Use it as an event for those currently enlisted. There are so many pros to this idea, that I don't know why we're not doing this already.