Airline and Ruston had a war going on inside Airlines football stadium with both defenses played extremely well. It was a whole other story on the offensive side of the ball with only one offensive touchdown for each team. Both the Bearcats and VIkings could not get the ball moving very much with two diffrent reasons.

Rustons offense could not get the ball rolling with only 198 total yards and only averaging 3.0 yards per play because of the Airline defense of line anchored by two seniors,Drew Brewster and Anthony Durgin. Anthony Durgin had a great night with 7 total tackles and a sack and Brewster had 4 tackles and seemed to always be in the back field disrupting the play. Also, the Vikings had D'Kameron White,who had a outstanding game, he had 4 tackles and two interceptions off of Ruston QB Jacob Phillips.

Last night, Airline was a diffrent story on offense. Ruston has a pretty good defense but what happened with Airline last night was the inexperience of the Viking offensive line was exposed. With a young offense and a young,sophomore QB with Brad Fream who had a decent game with going 10-19 and a 52% completion percentage for only 60 yards and two interceptions. Fream is a young talent for the Vikings and will develop into a great quaterback as he matures into Coach Bo Meeks offense.

As this game went on it kept getting more and more intense with back to back turnovers and spectacular special teams play at key points in the game. Airline Vikings head coach Bo Meeks stated " I dont know if i have ever seen a game with three special teams touchdowns and two defensive touchdowns. I've never seen a game like that." When there was 1:49 left in the fourth quarter and Airline was up on Ruston 19-17 when Airline Senior defensive back D'Kameron White made a athletic interception around mid-field to what looked like what would wrapped the game up for a Airline victory. Then,The Bearcats forced Bo Meeks and the Vikings to punt the ball with 1:19 left in the game after not being able to get a new set of downs. Airline had a short punt and Ruston returner Carlos Hunt returned the kick 60 yards for a touchdown and you could feel the momentum just get swept away from the Airline sideline. After the return,the score was 23-19 Ruston leading,with Airline trying to drive the ball down the field. The 3rd play of the drive Rustons defensive line got to Fream who fumbled the ball as he was getting sacked and the Bearcats returned the fumble for another touchdwon to put the final nail in the coffin in this game. This was an emotional and hard hitting game which turned out to be a fun game to watch.

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